Regional Meetings

Besides our annual conferences, PLPR organises occasionally regional meetings.

  • 2018: 3rd Pacific RIM Regional Meeting in Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • 2015: South Asian Regional Meeting in Bengaluru, India
  • 2011: Inaugural PACIFIC RIM REGIONAL meeting in Sydney, Australia

2018: PLPR Pacific Rim Regional Meeting

The Third Pacific Rim Regional Meeting of PLPR was held at Taoyuan in northern Taiwan, ROC on the 16thto 17thApril 2018 and was a major success attracting over 370 delegates from Taiwan and the Pacific Rim (including Australia, China, Hong Kong Malaysia and South Korea). The conference was organized by Professor PiYing (Peddy) Lai, PhD, FRICS (Department of Real Estate Management, National Pingtung University), supported by the Conference Coordinator Professor John Sheehan, AM, LFAPI, FRICS, FPIA, MRTPI (PLPR Executive Committee and Pacific Rim Liaison Member).

The Pacific Rim Regional Meeting was hosted by the Taoyuan City Government in partnership with National Pingtung University and many thanks must go to both organisations for their enduring support. Particularly, in attendance was Director General LU, Wei-Ping, of the Department of Urban Development. The collaboration of a City Government with a university provided a practical and academic background to the conference, following the theme being “Challenge – Law, Spatial Planning, and Compensation”. This is a theme of particular interest to not only Taoyuan City and Taiwan, but many Pacific Countries including Australia and New Zealand where infrastructure development has become increasingly a matter of increasing focus by governments and the community.

The conference was opened with addresses by Jiunn-rong Yeh (Minister of the Interior, ROC), Wen-Tsan Cheng (Mayor of Taoyuan City), Yuan-Kuang Guu (President of National Pingtung University)and ProfessorJohnSheehan. The opening was followed by a forum Chaired by Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Land Development and Policy Planning. Forum members included John Sheehan, Ken Rayner (Chair of the Technical Committee of the Third Pacific Rim Regional Meeting), Yasmin Mohd Adnan (Professor of University of Malaya), Pi-Ying (Peddy), Lai (Professor of National Pingtung University), Ci-Ling Lin (Deputy Minister of the Interior, ROC), Wei-Ping Lu (Director General of Urban Development, Taoyuan City Government).

Due to the large numbers of attendees, the Sessions were separated from the Keynote Speakers, being run in parallel. The sessions included The Compensation of Property Right, Chaired by Hamzah, H, Sustainable Urban and Smart City, Chair Chyi Lin Lee, Climate Change and Spatial Plan, Chair Kang-Li Wu, Property Development and Industry Development, Chair Sacha Reid, Land Management and Urban Planning, Chair: Klaas Kresse and Property Valuation and Property Rights, Chair: Ken Rayner. The keynote speakers spoke on relevant topics, being The Justice and Challenge of Urban Planningby the Director General of Construction and Innovation, Hsin-Hsou Wu and The Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Land Property Rightspresented by the Director General of Land Administration, M.O.I, Ching-Hsiu Wang.

The technical tour provided a particularly relevant insight into the planning and development of the aerotropolis, a relevant topic to many countries, including Sydney, Australia which is at the embryonic stage of developing its own aerotropolis. Professor Lai provided a practical insight into the intersection of the academic and practical issues of developing a major industrial, commercial and residential complex, whilst funding an extensive new public transport system with funding restraints which limits all governments.

The conference was closed and the gala conference dinner followed. The opinion of delegates appeared to be that the conference had been a great success, and the organizers including Professor Lai should be congratulated for their monumental efforts.

Text by: Ken Rayner, MRICS

Chair of the Technical Committee of the Third Pacific Rim Regional Meeting of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR)

2015: South Asian Regional Meeting

2015_sarc_photo“Land Policies in South Asia: Promises, Practices and Challenges” 1-4 September 2015 was a great success.  More than 50 experts on Planning, Law, and Property Rights followed Sony Pellissery‘s invitation to come to Bengaluru. The participants discussed planning challenges in South Asia and worldwide.

To get an impression of the atmosphere, click here to view Ben Davy’s presentation about the conference.

2011: Inaugural PACIFIC RIM REGIONAL meeting of PLPR

11 July 2001 the inaugural Pacific Rim Regional Meeting of PLPR was held in Sydney, Australia hosted by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Complex Real Property Rights, University of Technology, Sydney. Four Themes have been discussed: Legal pluralism, compensation, Indigenous displacement, and climate adaptation