Visting Talks

PLPR Visting Talks

One of the signs that our international academic community on Planning, Law, and Property Rights thrives is that in the past years we increasingly started interacting and  exchanging also outside our regular conferences. Every so often PLPR friends and members visit each other and often they give a PLPR related talk at the hosting university of their visit. These talks are often relevant for other colleagues outside the hosting institution, but mostly they would not know about it. So, the PLPR Visiting Talks series is an attempt to collect and disseminate such activities, so that we use the opportunities to engage even more in our academic debate.

Be part of it

Are you hosting a PLPR colleague or are you visiting another PLPR related institution and you give a talk? Share the information with us and we will select and include the most relevant talk in the PLPR Visiting Talks series. Note, as we are a non-profit organisation, we will not be able to fund any of these activities. We just collect the talks and disseminate them. If there is interest in continuing the series, we will also add a section to our website, where additional material can be uploaded or linked (papers, videos, audioslides, etc.).

Are you talking soon on a PLPR related topic abroad or are you hosting a fellow PLPR colleague? Let us know! Email to: