PLPR Papers

In this section, you can find selected conference papers from past and upcoming conferences, as well as key publications from members.

PLPR Paper Policy

As part of an academic community, we are aware that many academic journals only consider for publication papers that have not been published before. Some journals may view prior publication as including the internet or conference proceedings. Therefore, we encourage participants not to expect their papers to be published in a brochure, but to develop their papers into articles for academic journals.

However, those PLPR members who want to have their PLPR conference papers be published, we offer this modest internet publication platform. If you want your paper to be posted on this platform, please email us.

Necessity of Land Use Regulations and Governance for human safety – Case Study of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 1984  [PDF]

Shrabana Das (2015)

An eclectic demystification of Operation Barga [PDF]

Srinjoy Ganguly (2015)

Recent Developments in Planning Legislation in Greece [PDF]

Dimitris Melissas (2015)

Consideration of Legal Environmental Impact Assessment Requirements in Regional and Local Landscape Planning in Thuringia (Germany) [PDF]

Dietwald Gruehn (2012)

Increasing land value through open spaces – new options in brownfield redevelopment [PDF]

Anne Budinger, Dietwald Gruehn (2012)

Climate change adaptation in Queensland, Australia – increasing resilience in the face of flooding and sea level rise [PDF]

Justine Bell (2012)

The effectiveness of environmental precautions within zoning planning in Germany [PDF]

Karsten Stechow (2012)

Rights and responsibilities in Dutch land-use planning aimed at flood protection and prevention of waterlogging [PDF]

Pieter Jong, Fred Hobma (2012)

Beyond hesitancy: a suggestion for the transference of mediation skills and practice to planning [PDF]

Alan McCarten (2012)

Gated and guarded communities in Malaysia: The new roles of the state and civil society [PDF]

Noor Rosly Hanif, Wan Nor Azriyati Wan Abd Aziz, Peter Aning Anak Tedong, Deborah Peel, and Greg Lloyd (2012)

Lessons learned from prosperous rural areas [PDF]

Gabi Troeger-Weiß, Hans-Jörg Domhardt, Claudia Bolte (2012)

(Re)constructing planning in face of uncertainty: Challenges for urban planning in Mongolia [PDF]

Tseregmaa Byambadorj (2012)

A New Land Use Bylaw for the City of Calgary, Alberta [PDF]

Nelson Medeiros (2011)

Constitutional and Administrative Law Comments on Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Development: experiences from the Netherlands [PDF]

Fred Hobma (2011)

Agreement of sale and purchase of land property according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and Czech Republic: comparative law research [PDF]

Elena Kurilova (2010)

Possibilities of the state to support the revitalization of derelict land – A way between public government and financial motivation [PDF]

Alexandra Weitkamp (2010)

Mining legisaltion and space production [PDF]

Lena Karka (2010)

Implications of development rights granting procedures [PDF]

Enzo Falco (2010)

New rules for planning compensation rights in the Netherlands [PDF]

Fred Hobma (2010)

The concept of red-for-green in the Netherlands [PDF]

Herman de Wolff and Marjolein Spaans (2010)

Fat and fried: linking land use law, the risks of obesity, and climate change [PDF]

Dan Tarlock (2009)