PhD Network

PLPR PhD student network

In 2010, the PLPR PhD student network was founded. Since then, all annual conferences included an activity especially for young scholars. In 2016, we held our first ever full-day workshop for PhD students attending the PLPR conference.

NEW: In 2022, we established PhD Webinar.

Our PhD network activities are listed here.

PhD students who participate in our activities gain several advantages:

  • Getting to know the mainstream research in the field.
  • Networking and exchanging knowledge.
  • Mutual learning on methods, tools, problems and solutions.
  • Guidance of senior participants, expert in the field.
  • A possibility to submit one’s research progress to appraisal and recommendations.
  • Opportunity to share our concerns, as students, regarding the process of research, the academic life and publishing.

PLPR members who are young academics can join our PLPR PhD Network Facebook group – click here.

Any questions or suggestions can be addressed to our PhD coordinator –