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We stay in touch with our members in two ways:


One you receive confirmation of your membership, as a PLPR member, you will be able to distribute a message to the entire PLPR community by sending an e-mail to  This listserv is hosted by Google. If you experience any problems, please contact us at

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Members will also be added to our mailing list to receive an email newsletter. Newsletters are sent only once or twice a year.  Those who wish to unsubscribe can do using the links provided in the email.

Below you can access our past newsletters:

September 2015 – Fall Edition
2014/2015 – Winter Edition
2013 – Fall Edition
2012 – Summer Edition
October 2011 – Volume 3, no. 2
March 2011 – Volume 3, no. 1
November 2010 – Volume 2, no. 3
July 2010 – Volume 2, no. 2
January 2010 – Volume 2, no. 1
October 2009 – Volume 1, no. 1