Guideline ConfTool

Guideline ConfTool

Remarks to ExCo: As discussed during last ExCo meeting, I’ll put together some guidelines how to use ConfTool. Please feel free to add questions or remarks… Andreas


General principles

  • ConfTool is set up as self-explanatory system
  • ConfTool is a commercial product

What can ConfTool do for you?

  • Organising all abstracts (from submission via reviewing to scheduling)
  • Organising the registration process, including the payments
  • Enables you to send bulk emails to all users or selected group of users

What is needed?

Usually, we use ConfTool Pro without any additional extra.

ConfTool is set up as self-explanatory system

Usually, all functions within ConfTool are explained quite well. Please note the different texts.

Mostly, all needed steps (e.g. for setting up registration process) are ordered logically. If you follow these steps, the system collects all information needed from you.

Besides, there are extensive user manuals provided by the ConfTool team. You find them here:

  • Users Documentation
  • Admin Documentation
  • Configuration Documentation
  • Organiser Documentation
  • Technical Documentation


ConfTool is a commercial product

This has two consequences for PLPR:

  1. The costs for ConfTool have to factored in the conference budget. The basic package is something around 500 € / 600 $. Additionally, some 1,80 € / 2,20 $ are charged per participants. Furthermore, some more extras can be booked – but they are mostly not needed for PLPR. In total, you have to calculate something like 800 € / 900 $.
  2. If there are difficult technical problems, the ConfTool team is in charge of supporting us. Usually, they reply very quickly (during office hours: within some few hours). Besides, you can call them. Contact details:
    +49 40 2022 7297