Tracks and Theme Group Meetings

Besides our annual conferences, there are several occasions to meet the PLPR association or members of the association. Traditionally, PLPR organizes a track during the annual conferences of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP), and the World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC).

Find a list of the past meetings of PLPR members (outside of PLPR annual conferences) below:


2019: PLPR Track at the AESOP Congress Venice

PLPR will organise a track during 2019 AESOP Annual Congress in Venice, Italy. Information will follow in autumn.

2018: AESOP Gothenburg

PLPR Track (No. 3 “Law”) during AESOP Annual Congress, July 10-14 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Text will follow soon.

2017: PLPR Track at the AESOP Congress Lisbon

Rachelle Alterman, Leonie Janssen-Jansen and Beatriz Condessa chaired the PLPR Track “Law and planning under societal challenges” (No. 15) during AESOP 2017 in Lisbon. 20 papers were presented.

2016: World Planning Schools Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Text will follow

2015: PLPR Track at the AESOP Congress Prague

Rachelle Alterman and Leonie Janssen-Jansen chaired the PLPR track at the annual AESOP congress in Prague. They related to the congress theme “fuzzy responsibilities” and asked questions like “Can the laws and institutions that govern planning meet the challenges posed by climate change, sustainability, and increasing uncertainty?  Are planning laws geared to handle distributive justice issues within cities, countries, and across borders?”. In six session – each with about four presentation – academics from inside and outside the PLPR community discussed topics around

  • planning systems,
  • governance, laws and regulations,
  • Legal aspects of environmental challenges,
  • Plans and planning instruments,
  • Land policy and housing,
  • Implementation and enforcement

Benjamin Davy initiated a PLPR session around various additional issues of planning, law, property rights and its relation.

2014: PLPR Track at the AESOP Congress in Utrecht

aesop-logo-utrecht-v14-150During the annual congress of AESOP in Utrecht in 2014, the PLPR track was with 60 papers one of the largest tracks and it was particularly popular. Rachelle Alterman and Willem Korthals Altes chaired the track for which 16 full-paper sessions and a paper-pitch session were scheduled. Participants from outside the European planning community attended the track. Topics ranged, i.e., from indigenous property rights to urban regeneration, from land readjustment to national spatial planning, from regional problem solving to mortgaging customary land rights and from development viability appraisal to the incidence of ownership. Participants seized the opportunity to have discussions both in the formal programme as during coffee and lunch breaks to debate issues in planning, law and property rights including their research interests and outcomes. A thematic group meeting, chaired by Leonie Janssen-Jansen, was held where the strong relation between AESOP and PLPR was celebrated and new members joined the thematic group and the PLPR conference in Volos was advertised.

2013: Track at the Joint AESOP/ACSP Congress Dublin 2013

During the joint congress of ACSP and AESOP in Dublin 15-19 July 2013 Rachelle Alterman (Technion, Israel) and Richard (Dick) Norton (University of Michigan, USA) chaired a track on planning law, regulation and dispute regulation.

In addition, Leonie Janssen-Jansen organized a thematic group meeting of the PLPR theme-group within AESOP. See for further information:

2012: PLPR track at the 2012 AESOP congress

Rachelle Alterman, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, and Konstantinos Lalenis, University of Thessaly, Greece chaired a track on “Planning Law, Instruments, Practice during the AESOP congress in Ankara, 11-15 July 2012. The track included not only regulars, but also many young academics from Southern European countries.

2011: PLPR track at the World Planning Schools Congress

At the World Planning Schools Congress: Planning’s Future “Futures Planning: Planning in an Era of Global (Un)Certainty and Transformation”, 4-8 July 2011, Perth Convention Centre, Western Australia (see: Track 15 on Planning Law, Administration and Property Rights was chaired by Rachelle Alterman, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Marcio Moraes Valena, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and Lik Meng LEE, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

2010: PLPR session during the AESOP conference in Helsinki, Finland

30 papers were presented between the 7th and 10th of July, during the 24th AESOP annual conference in Helsinki, Finland, alongside a special session on property rights and land use regulation around the globe. The track, chaired by Rachelle Alterman and Kauko Viitanen, was well visited.

2009: PLPR track during the AESOP conference in Liverpool, Great Britain

The PLPR community convened during the AESOP conference in Liverpool and held an extra track on planning and law (track 8), chaired by Rachelle Alterman (Israel).

2008: PLPR track during the Joint Congress of ACSP and AESOP in Chicago, USA

During the joint congress of ACSP and AESOP there was held a track on “Planning processes, law, administration, and dispute resolution” (Track 11.) and a special reception has been celebrated in the evening of 8 July 2008. Rachelle Alterman invited to this session.