Meet our members!

PLPR is an international association with hundreds of members and subscribers.

Each month we meet members for short update interviews about their work. Below are some interviews conducted with members in the past months.

February 2024

Interview with Dr. Peter Lacoere

We were very happy to catch up with Dr. Peter Lacoere who was one of our hosts in PLPR 2022 a couple of years ago. SO…

meet Peter Lacoere, Lecturer and researcher at HOGENT University of Applied Science and Arts (research center DRUM) and Guest Professor at KULeuven, Departement of Architecture, Belgium

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Mr. Dongsheng He

March 2024

Interview with Mr. Dongsheng He.

Dongsheng participated in PLPR 2024 in Munich, so it was a good excuse for us to sit down with him and catch up. SO…

Meet Dongsheng He, PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Hong Kong, China

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May 2024

Interview with Prof. Andreas Hengstermann.

Andreas is a veteran PLPR member. In march 2024 he was elected as PLPR’s vice president. We caught up with him for a short interview just before an exciting move to Norway. Read Here

Prof. Katie McClymont

May 2024

Interview with Prof. Katie McClymont.

Katie participated in PLPR 2023 in Michigan. We missed her dearly, so we caught up with for a brief update. For members who don’t know her, please meet Katie McClymont, Associate Prof. of Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol.

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Professor Gabriel Eckstein

June 2024

Interview with Prof. Gabriel Eckstein.

Gabriel Eckstein, Professor of Law, Director of the Energy, Environmental, & Natural Resource Systems Law Program, and Director of the Environmental & Natural Resource Systems Law Clinic at Texas A&M University School of Law, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

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