PLPR 2024 ELECTIONS: Candidates Statements

Dear friends and colleagues,

In our upcoming annual conference (March 2023) we will elect a new ExCo. There are four positions: President, Vice-president, Secretary General, and PhD coordinator. There has been a call for candidacy. The following candidates run for the respective offices. Please find below their mission statement for the upcoming election period of two years:

  • For President of PLPR there are two competing candidacies: Rebecca Leshinsky and Eran Kaplinsky.
  • Andreas Hengstermann runs for the position of Vice-President of PLPR.
  • For the position of secretary, Nir Mualam and Yifat Holzman-Gazit run as a team.
  • For the office of PhD coordinator the team of Josje Bouwmeester and Tristan Claus are running together.

In accordance with our statutes, the election will be organized in the General Assembly at the PLPR conference in Munich. There is no option for online or distant voting. The outgoing president, Thomas Hartmann, serves as election officer. See for more information:

Each candidate has prepared a mission statement:

Rebecca Leshinsky (candidate for president)

I wish to nominate for the positon of President of PLPR for 2024. I have been a long-standing member and participant at PLPR, having attended the first conference in Amsterdam in 2007. Throughout my years with PLPR, I have served in the offices of PhD co-ordinator and co-Vice President (since 2020). I wish to continue my strong commitment and service to PLPR and to run now for the office of President.

Yours sincerely,
Associate Professor Dr Rebecca Leshinsky
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Eran Kaplinsky (candidate for president)

I am hereby putting my name forward for election to the position of President of PLPR at the upcoming General Assembly meeting.

I first joined the Association in 2008 and have attended every conference since then. For the last 4 years, I served on ExCo as co-Vice President of the Association and helped to organize its annual conferences, including the 2021 online sessions. Previously, in 2011, I hosted in Edmonton, Canada the first PLPR conference outside Europe.

It would be my honour to continue to serve the Association and build on the excellent work undertaken by Rachelle, Leonie, Ben, and Thomas. I hope to promote the Association, provide opportunities for its members – especially early and mid-career researchers – and maintain the collegiality, camaraderie, and inclusivity which characterizes our community.

With best wishes,
Eran Kaplinsky
Professor of Law, University of Alberta

Andreas Hengstermann (candidate for vice-president)

Dear friends and colleagues from the PLPR community

Since the PLPR community came to Dortmund in 2010, I have been an active member and participated in all of PLPR´s annual conferences. I believe that our association constantly builds on the voluntary work and active participation of members, which is why I present myself to stand for election as Vice-President. As a former member of PLPR´s ExCo (until 2022), I have already gained extensive insights into our association’s administrative and organisational procedures. By submitting my application for the 2024-2026 period, I want to resume that strong connection.

One of my goals as Vice-President will be to continue our successful work of the past years and improve the abstract review process. In my opinion, a double-blind procedure with two reviewers involves a considerable organisational effort by the review organiser and our community serving as reviewers. However, it is this process that ensures scientific quality and academic relevance. I will, therefore, commit to this and concentrate my efforts on managing an efficient and meaningful review process. I also intend to further develop the criteria for that review process and to disclose them in a clearer way. This will be a helpful orientation, especially for less experienced members of our community. I explicitly distinguish between two types of contributions: scientific abstracts (which correspond to the systematic abstracts required by scientific journals) and abstracts of viewpoints (which are much more open in format and also allow the presentation of early research ideas, preliminary results, comments and other formats). Appropriate criteria are to be developed for both types. I am convinced that this will contribute to our community’s scientific quality and to the success of our annual conferences.

I would be honoured to serve in the role as Vice-President of PLPR for the period 2024-2026. I appreciate your consideration.

Andreas Hengstermann

Nir Mualam (candidate for secretary general)

Please find enclosed my statement of intent regarding ExCo’s upcoming elections:

I am writing this letter of introduction to provide you with information about my relationship with PLPR, my future goals as Secretary General (if re-elected), and how I intend to accomplish them.

For the past two years, I have served as Secretary General and I would like to be re-elected for 2 additional years. During the past two years, I continued to run PLPR operations from behind the scenes: approving membership requests, running and updating PLPR’s website, helping in managing our different lists. I also took the initiative and re-introduced a monthly newsletter, which helps solidify PLPR as a community. As an active ExCo, I’ve reached out to colleagues to expand our membership and helped as much as I could in organizing the annual conference.

In the past eight years, I have worked as a professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning (my CV is attached). I’ve taught planning theories as well as courses on strategic planning (in a studio setting) and planning law. My studies address issues important to PLPR’s activities and research interests, namely the interaction between regulation, other policies, property rights, and planning.

I have been an active and dedicated member of PLPR since I started my PhD in 2007: I assisted in the organization of the 2014 annual conference in Haifa, as well as other themed tracks (the latest was a PhD seminar held via Zoom last year). Since 2007, I have attended nearly every annual PLPR conference and cooperated on joint research projects with several PLPR members. I am familiar with the ExCo members and can envision myself being a member of the management team in the future. I believe that the PLPR community is vibrant and robust, and I am eager to contribute to its growth and expansion.

As future Secretary General (if elected), I intend to advise the Executive Committee on daily operations, assist in the organization of events and conferences, and manage the Association’s website and membership database. Additionally, I would like to assist PLPR in reaching a broader audience by actively engaging with planning schools and other professional organizations. Because I am familiar with PLPR, I feel I am qualified to perform these duties. In addition and following my recent actions to enrich our newsletter and to improve communications between the Association and its members, I would like to continue creating engaging content for both our website and our newsletter.

Sincerely yours
Nir Y. Mualam

Yifat Holzman-Gazit (candidate for secretary general)

I would like to submit my candidacy for the position of Secretary-General concurrently with Prof. Nir Mualam.

I am a law professor at the College of Management, Israel. I teach classes in property law, planning law, land expropriation, and law and society. As a visiting professor at Stanford Law School (2007-2008), I also taught a seminar on comparative property theories. My research addresses topics related to PLPR’s interest in the relationship between law, planning and property. I have written on land valuation policy in Israel, urban tree protection on private land, influence of ideology on land expropriation law and deregulation and urban infill in the context of accessory dwelling units.

Since 2009, I have been a member of PLPR and attended many annual conferences and events. I am familiar with some of the current ExCo members, and I am excited to contribute to the growth of the PLPR community. As Secretary-General, I would work alongside Prof. Nir Mualam (if re-elected). I have the experience of working in a team as the president of the Israeli Association for Private Law (2014), a member of the International Committee of the Law and Society Association (2012), and a board member of the Israeli Law and Society Association and Bar-Ilan University’s Center for Media and Law (2012-2016).

As Secretary-General, I will take on responsibility for assisting with the organization of events, expanding membership, and creating engaging content for the PLPR newsletter and website. I would like to add to the newsletter references to public policy reports written by PLPR members as well as creating podcasts for the website section ‘PLPR in Media’. Further, I would like to help PLPR reach new audiences in law schools and promote collaboration with other small-size property law research communities. An annual joint conference could be organized in a few-year cycle. In submitting my candidacy concurrently with Prof. Nir Mualam, I believe that I will have a smooth start in the position of Secratery-General and at the same time, I will benefit PLPR since more work will be accomplished.

I will be glad to provide you with any additional information you need.


Prof. Yifat Holzman-Gazit

Josje Bouwmeester and Tristan Claus (candidates for PhD coordinator)

Dear friends and colleagues from the PLPR community,

We, Tristan Claus and Josje Bouwmeester, are pleased to announce our joint candidacy for the role of PhD coordinator. Having served in this capacity for the past two years, Josje is seeking re-election alongside Tristan, who brings fresh perspectives to the table. As two early career scholars, we understand the support and opportunities that the PLPR network provides. Simultaneously, PhD students’ contributions not only enrich our academic community but also shape the direction of scholarship in planning, law, and property rights. It is with this in mind that we are committed to strengthening academic support for PhD students within PLPR. We aim to continue the valuable work of organizing yearly PhD workshops and ensuring a supportive environment for academic growth and collaboration.


Josje Bouwmeester

Tristan Claus