Thank you PLPR Executive Committee

We would like to acknowledge and recognize the volunteers that worked behind the scenes to keep PLPR going this year. Next to the president, Thomas Hartmann, our vice-presidents Eran Kaplinsky and Rebecca Leshinsky, help in managing the association and organize the review process; Nir Mualam, as secretary general, takes care of membership management, the newsletter, and the website; Josje Bouwmeester and Sofija Nikolić Popadić, who serve as PhD coordinators, assist PLPR in maintaining a vibrant PhD community. Furthermore, numerous liaisons have been appointed: Ed Sullivan and Ellen Bassett for North America, John Sheehan for the Pacific Rim, Safira De La Sala for South America, Linda McElduff, Sina Shahab, and Rachelle Alterman for AESOP. All of these positions are unpaid, and everyone is working tirelessly to help PLPR. We appreciate everyone’s contributions and want to thank everyone for their help.