PLPR @ AESOP Gothenburg

AESOP Annual Congress 2018, Gothenburg: Making Space for Hope

Rachelle Alterman and Lina Olsson chaired the PLPR Track: “Law” (No.3) during the 2018 AESOP congress in Gothenburg, Sweden (10th– 14thJuly). There were eleven sessions with an average of four papers per session, making it one of the largest tracks at the conference. Academics discussed topics relating to:

  • informality and planning regulation practices;
  • contractual urban regeneration: risks and control instruments for public accountability;
  • adopting and implementing planning systems;
  • real estate markets, financial risk and legal mechanisms (I & II);
  • property rights, development control and land-use planning;
  • changing practices and ideologies of property rights;
  • legal mechanisms of compulsory purchase and land readjustment;
  • conversion of land uses: sustainability and adaption;
  • farmlands and countrysides: policies, planning and legal matters;
  • land rights and conflicts.

Session 4 was dedicated to the memory of Professor Leonie Janssen-Jansen. Many delegates from inside and outside the PLPR community gathered in remembrance, and touching sentiments were shared by Rachelle Alterman, Deborah Peel and one of Leonie’s PhD students, Lilian van Karnenbeek. Leonie was the coordinator of the PLPR Thematic Group (TG) within AESOP and moving video footage of her chairing the last TG meeting at the 2017 AESOP Congress in Lisbon was shown to the packed room. Rachelle Alterman and Linda McElduff are the new coordinators of the PLPR TG.

AESOP’s TGs are working groups established to create platforms and discussion amongst AESOP members around certain themes. The PLPR TG was AESOP’s pioneering TG. AESOP support the groups by, for example, institutional patronage; supporting logistical activities via the main AESOP website; providing potential financial support; AESOP quality assurance; usage of AESOP’s platform of communication; and TGs also have the potential to propose topics of events. You can find out more about the PLPR TG here: There will be a PLPR TG meeting held during the 2019 AESOP Congress at the Università luav di Venezia. More details to follow.

Following his election at the 2017 AESOP Council of Representatives in Lisbon, Benjamin Davy officially took up his role as AESOP President for the mandate running from July 2018 to July 2020.

Text by: Linda McElduff